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School Speak Out is a free online school forum for parents, students, former students and anyone else to speak out about anything education-related. Whether it's high school, elementary or junior high, you can start a discussion about the issues that matter to you at your school.

Students, teachers and parents all have different perspectives. Each community faces different challenges.  If we share those perspectives and concerns with each other, we can all help each other understand and improve our schools and our education. If you want to post anonymously, without signing up, that's fine too. Every one has an opinion about their school and your opinion matters. We've all been to school and they are important parts of our communities. Whether you're concerned with how to improve your math class, your basketball team or your school in general, we all have opinions and the best way to improve our schools, our communities and ourselves is to make our voices heard. You can grade your teacher or coach, offer congrats for making honor roll, post an upcoming event, or do your homework with a group. You can talk about school sports, or post a video. You can even suggest a new category or page. School Speak Out is here to make sure your voice is heard and help you connect with others who share your school interests and school issues. You do not have to sign up to post or comment but when you do sign up, we'll send you an email when someone comments on your input or your issues. And we'll never send you spam or share your email with anyone else. It's free! - Sign up now & be part of the community

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